The way to Promote A Concert: A Handful of Tips

By | October 24, 2019

Please accept the information below being a guide offering suggestions for publicizing any concert and encourage maximum presence
and success!

Some of the recommendations is probably not appropriate for your type regarding concert. While some of the concepts could be obvious,
others may be new but worthy of a try.

I will cover the areas of flyer/poster concert promotion and a few tips for media promotion..

To begin with, the single most importand thing when you need to promote a concert is always to start delegating duties and ensure helpers know
what’s expected of which.

So let’s start!

[Flyers and Posters]

It’s importand undertake a well designed, eye-catching flyer or perhaps poster. It will show individuals who the concert deserves their expectancy,
time and money.

The artist’s management may give you some flyers or posters in the first place.

If you prefer to create your own personal flyer or poster, you should locate a graphics professional or pronting company ready to donate
services in exchange for advertising..

If it’s the first time the artist is arriving at your town or city make sure you include a testimonial on the particular flyer or poster. A flyer that simple
advertises an artist or any band will mean nothing to anyone who has never heard of them!

Assign volunteers to create the flyers in places more likely to attract the most attention. Try food markets, local chamber of Commerce
places of work, Art Councils or other residential areas, malls, shoping plazas, music retailers, book stores, galleries and some other popular gathering
spots where flyers are displayed routinely but make sure you ask for permission before submitting.

Do not forget to submit the flyers or posters for the concert location itself! Try to hang posters as near the average eye level as achievable..

[Media and other sources of publicity]

List the concert inside community calendars, Newspaper, Magazines or radio and TV stations when possible. Radio and Tv stations could be
willing to anounce events at no cost.

Be sure to notice them several weeks in advance. In the listing are the date of the concert, moment, location, ticket price, ticket retailers,
sponsors of course and cell phone numbers for information.

Ask promotional material from your artist’s managementslike interviews, video movies, song samples, photographs etc. Make an effort to deliver the
material to the media combined with news release anouncing the live performance.

Make sure you follow upwards by phone. Ask from the management to prepare an interview with the artist(s) when possible. Discuss other

Provide artist’s promo material (if available) to stereo likely to air it. Encourage them to play it often especially weekly or two
before the live performance. Have volunteers and friends cell phone the stations and request a lot more..!

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