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Starlite Khussa Shoes & Kholapuri Chappel

Starlite Khussa Shoes: Elegantly designed ladies handmade with fancy and decorative embroidery, sequined with Diamantes leather khussa shoes and Fashion Pumps are very popular to be worn with stunning outfits, at weddings. as Bridal Shoes, as Brides maids Shoes, special occasions, costumes, for parties and as well casual footwear. Starlite Khussa shoes & Fashion Pumps are elegantly handcrafted with gems, pearls, decorative & sequined beadwork and encrusted with matching colour diamantes and Rhinestones. These Khussa Shoes date back many centuries and were designed by Craftsmen 100`s of years ago to be worn by the Kings, Queens, Prince`s and Princesses of the time gone by.

Mojari or Khussa Shoe: is a generic name of handcrafted ethnic footwear produced in India and Pakistan. These are made by artisans mostly using vegetable tanned leather. The uppers are made of one piece of leather embroidered and embellished with brass, nails, cowrie’s shells, mirrors, Gems, Rhinestones, Diamantes and ceramic beads. Even the bonding from the upper to the sole is done by cotton thread that is not only eco-friendly but also enmeshes the leather with great strength. Some product range also uses bright and ornate threads.

All Starlite Khussa Shoes are made in Pakistan as well as India with very high quality leather and finished by some of the finest handcrafted Artisans in the country. The quality and work of Starlite Khussa Shoes is second to none! Starlite Khussa Shoes are unique in that every part of the process of manufacturing is non-mechanized. Everything from the cutting of the Fabric for the upper, the cutting of the leather parts, the embroidery, stitching and putting the shoe together is all manually done by Craftsmen and Artisans. A lot of the Starlite Khussa Shoes are designed with Brides and Bridesmaids in Mind. Our colors, Beadwork, Embroidery and diamantes will match any Bridal and Wedding Outfit you can imagine. Starlite Khussa Shoes are flat and because they mould into your feet are perfect for wearing during that tiring day. It’s a great alternative to wearing pointed, stiff high heel shoes, which makes one even more tired! In order to get the best out of your shoes, we highly recommend that you use the Breaking In” Instructions" as closely and regimentally as possible.

Khussa Shoes are now a modern Fashion Design trend worn worldwide for different occasions and purposes and most recently is worn as a Fashion Statement to stand out from the rest of the crowd, Khussa Shoes are now more and more appearing on Bollywood Catwalks and Fashion Shows all around the world.  Ideally worn with Jeans, Trousers and Salwar our Starlite Khussa Shoes are highly complimented with our Ladies and Mens Indian Kurta Tops. Khussa Shoes is becoming a very hot product worldwide and an ideal Gift or Present for Him or for Her for any occasion including Valentine`s day, Birthdays and Xmas presents.

Starlite Khussa Shoe Making Process: Applique in form of differently designed figures are cut out of leather and sewn on the vamp manually. The design would dictate the nature, colour and shape of the appliqué. It could range from an intricate appliqué which itself could incorporate other design features like embroidery, punches, weaves, etc., to a simple cut out shape from any material like leather, textile, synthetic, etc.. The process followed is for different layers of the sole to be stuck with glue (henc e you may notice the actual glue marks on some of the shoes). Once this is dry, the sole is stitched with cotton or leather thread. The upper portion is then embroidered by women who are very skilled at this. Plain or coloured piping is stitched to the edge of the inside portion of the upper form after the leather is dipped in water to make it soft. At every stage the leather is hammered to make the stitching and the pasting firm. When the upper form has been attached to the sole it is put on a wooden last to give it a final shape";" The ornamentation is with silk or metal embroidery, beads, Diamantes, Rhinestones and the designs are done in applique with thin leather pieces of different colours. This work is called as kashidakari.

Starlite Khussa Shoes are Rustic yet elegant, Khussa Shoes are colourful and go well with any attire. Its ethnic ambience blended with contemporary designs suits eastern as well as western outfit. Stitched by hand, these have the unique capability of adjusting & conforming to the foot size of the person wearing it. More worn, better the fit. The ethnicity of the traditional skills accentuate into poetry when intermingled with the contemporary colours and designs.

Khussa Slipper Jeans Khussa Kolhapuri Chapple


Starlite Shopping Mall offer a Variety of Khussa Shoes split into three main Categories, Fashion-Bridal Khussa Shoes which can be worn for Occasions such as Party`s, Weddings, Birthdays, etc. Starlite Casual Khussa Shoes, which can be worn at and around the home, for casual wear with your Jeans or Salwar Kameez and the Starlite Kohlapuri Chappels, which again can be worn around the home and outside as well as can be worn when Holiday in Hot countries or on the Beach.  The Kolhapuri Chappel has been popular since the 18th Century and was very popular amongst Farmers and rural areas as they were tough and sturdy and could withstand the hours people spent walking and in the Heat.  The Kolhapuri Chappals get their name at the style is Kolhapuri and was originally made in the town of Kolhapur in India.  Kolhapuri Chappels are also known as ‘Pie-taan` and are available in a wide range of vibrant colours, adorned with zari strips, gota, beads, and pom poms to be worn on special occasions like parties and wedding functions.


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