China Astrology Today – Rabbit, your Fortunate

By | October 24, 2019

The Rabbit is the most lucky Chinese signs. As using all signs, Rabbits have certain characteristics comprise them. The Rabbit is an East oriented animal which has a Yin (female) mother nature. It symbolizes luck and tranquility while its western zodiac equivalent will be the Pisces. It’s favorable gem stone will be the Pearl which is the magical stone in the moon.

Rabbit people are very productive during spring and especially during March and that is their associated month. Throughout the morning, they rule from 5am until eventually 7am. They like blue, grey and white colors and they also love to eat lots involving sea food and vegetables. You will discover many Rabbit people in Japan and Eastern Europe. The Rabbit is strongly related to planet Neptune.

Rabbit people are very popular among their friends. They are very loving along with protective, sometimes more than needed. They also enjoy taking care with their houses which are usually decorated in a very unique artistic way. They enjoy shoping. They will likely spend a lot buying new clothes and classy accessories.

The Rabbit is quite sensitive and sentimental. It makes a good friend or partner for the compassion and sensitivity towards other’s problems. It matches perfectly while using Pig, the Sheep and your Monkey.

Rabbit people are normally social. They try to give the most beautiful to make others have fun and enjoy their company. They love being seductive and they also know they are good in it! One thing they loathe is fighting or quarelling. They will do anything to avoid arguments and they also have developed clever strategic methods exclusively for that!

Let’s see how the Rabbit behaves inside following fields:

Work issues: Calls for improvement

Love issues: Very solid

social issues: Very strong

Psychic issues: Very strong

Body troubles: Very strong.

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