Boost Your Website’s Customer happiness Levels

By | October 24, 2019

As a business owner you desire and need customers.

Ideally, those customers will be in the happy variety that come back time and again and bring all their pals along too.

But how does one make sure your website and customer satisfaction can generate that level of customer happiness?

When shoping online people desire speed, simplicity and warm along with fuzzy feeling once they’ve concluded their purchase.

Here are a number of ideas to hel your website achieve that.

Speeding it up

Your customers need to reach your site, find his or her product, and add it thus to their shopping basket and pay. So making that process as slick and fast as it can be is essential.

Let’s start from the outset.

1. Loading your site

Your website must load immediately because your customers aren’t gonna hang around waiting for anyone. By reviewing all the images on the site and compressing them might help shorten the load time.

only two. Payment

Jumping to the final stage in the buying process, you’ll need to offer an array of payment choices. Paypal is absolutely essential as it’s fast, safe and intensely convenient.


A mistake manufactured by many companies is that their website is brimming with images, graphics, text and adverts so that it is impossible for the reader to navigate because there’s much going on they don’t know which approach to turn.

Keeping your site straightforward eases navigation and understanding.

3. Assessment your text

How readable will be your text? By slightly increasing your font size you’ll make your blog more readable.

4. White place

There’s nothing worse than an online site that contains masses of reliable text. You might think it speaks of to the reader everything they must know but that’s rather counterproductive given that they won’t read it.

If you want someone to think about your site, its content should be attractive. You can achieve this specific by:

Shortening your paragraphs (5 collections or less)
Add bulleted provides to highlight benefits
Use subscription headings
Use images
But be sure to mix all these elements approximately add variety and interest for a page.

Warm and fuzzy

This is among the most hardest one to achieve. How would you give them that warm along with fuzzy feeling?

5. Social advertising

I’m assuming you’re using social websites within your marketing strategy (or else why not? )#) so be sure to monitor your Twitter stream and Facebook page while customers ask questions about your products you reply to them quickly.

The other site of this is you’ll also keep in mind compliments that come through your current social media accounts so be sure to say thank you.

There’s also a possibility that you also get the off bad comment but because you’re keeping track of your social media accounts you are able to instantly make contact with the buyer and put the situation appropriate.

6. Get personal and evident

Many companies get so draped up in looking professional they turn out projecting a cold and impersonal impression.

Customers want to buy via someone they like so by setting up a website that shows your personality rather than stale corporate image will ensure you get noticed.

Being obvious doesn’t mean plastering your web site with “buy now” in major red letters. Obvious means making your navigation easy to navigate so anyone can find their approach to the page they want. Nothing is worse than finding a website that sells the product or service you want but being can not fathom out how to obtain it.

7. Be chatty

When coming up with the copy on your website please do not ‘we’ all over it.

Now sure what i’m saying? Well it’s quite simple. Examine your website and count what number of times the word ‘we’ shows up. In an ideal world there will not any.

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