Backpacking The Yellow Mountain Trail

By | October 24, 2019

This specific light trail alone can merely take a3. 6-mile hike, however you may combine this specific with Mill Shoals Trail using an access point at the Cooper Creek Trail so that it is a 6-mile hike.

It starts at 300 yards south in the Cooper Creek Recreation Area on FR 236 from the Lumpkin and Union County. The trail head is with the north end of the parking area and begins a fairly easy climb to the Yellow Huge batch where some stunning views await just about every hiker. Regular training exercises are done here so check while using Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dahlonega to view its schedule of activities.

The trail is marked with yellow blazes and you’ll find campsites available seasonally at the Cooper Creek Park your car campground. To get here, start at GA 60 and that is north of the Dahlonega for approximately 22 miles and then convert right following another 0. 8 of an mile along the Forest Assistance Road 33. After which, come up with a left turn and follow Do Service Road 236 for 3 miles on the 14. The trailhead is for the western edge of Cooper Creek Picturesque area.

The pathway then brings about a forest of hardwoods including white pines and hemlocks along with at 1. 5 miles through the trail’s start, the treadway chips into two separate trails. For the left, the Shope Gap trail notable with green blazes proceeds to an alternative 0. 9 of a mile down the ridge onto the Shope Difference where it crosses a creek and ends with the Bryant Creek Road.

On the correct running a southeast direction, the Yellow Mountain Trail proceeds on the right fork across the Bryant Creek. The pathway then brings about the Addie Gap at all-around 2. 7 miles. The hike then makes an ascent on the eastern hemlock as it goes in into an open forest involving oak trees. You will also find collections of shortleaf pine trees because path rises to a ridge crest. The pathway leads to your junction with the Cooper Creek Trail and that is marked by blue blazes in around 1 mile.

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