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Starlite Shopping mall has a large spectrum of Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers, of high Quality handmade and machine made products spanning across the globe. The company brands all its own products which range from home decor to personal hygiene items, with its own Quality Control Centres based in many parts of the world, We maintain consumer satisfaction and Customer Loyalty through delivery of quality products at Great Value for Money and all backed by an excellent customer services Dept.



Starlite Shopping Malls Main Objective is to provide consumers with high quality products at exceptionally low prices and bring as many varied choices of products as possible to their shopping experience, backed by an outstanding customer service department based in the UK.


We aim to become amongst the Top Online Retailers in the UK offering stylish, high quality, great value products.

Our Promise:

  • To Work tirelessly and relentlessly to take care of your needs.
  • To Respond as quickly as possible to your requests.
  • To resolve any issues as quickly, effortlessly as possible.
  • To put you first!


Starlite Shopping Mall is a TOP RATED Ebay & Power Seller On Ebay.co.uk, visit our store on Ebay following the link.   Starlite Shopping Mall is also amongst the top 25% of Amazon.co.uk Sellers as well as Amazon.de and Amazon.fr.  We also have an extensive Presence on Play.com as well.


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